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We make powder coating affordable and accesible for small personal projects to large industrial solutions, while maintaining high quality standards for every item we work with.

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Our Service Is Simple:

If it's metal, we can powder coat it!

Henderson’s Powder Coating offers up professional, dependable and prompt service. We have over 200 different colours, shades and finishes to suit everybody’s vision.

Before and after photo of rusty tire rims and newly powder coated rims.

Why Choose Powder Coating?

Powder coating is a great, durable and dependable alternative to paint. It is made to withstand and last the elements that paint otherwise cannot. It is one of the most economical, longest lasting and colour durable finish for any metal product out there.

Recreational snow machine with powder coated parts, action shot in air with snow background.

Flash & Function

Give your vehicle, boat, recreational vehicle or trailer your own custom look, while also enjoying the long lasting benefits of powder coated parts.

Newly powder coated tire rim with black matte finish.

Longer Lasting

Powder Coating keeps your metal surfaces protected from rust, resistant to chipping, scratches, fading and looking good in even the roughest conditions.

Four images of laser cut signs in antique style which have been powder coated.


Give new life to well worked items, or bring us your new projects. It's more affordable than you might think, contact us for an easy estimate.

Our Shop

ATV vehicles with powder coated parts in green, grey and black.


- ATV/UTV as well as Motocross Parts (Swing arms, spindles, pegs , etc)
- Truck Lift Kits as well as other METAL after market parts
- And of course tire rims are a very popular choice for powder coating.

Before and after photos of a very rusty bath tub, and it powder coated looking brand new.

Personal Projects

- Cast iron benches and other furniture, such as patio sets.
- Refinish iron bathtubs and sinks
- Wrought iron railings and fence
- Various decoritive pieces, indoor or outdoor.

Multiple long steel bars lay on ground powder coated blue and orange.

Industrial: Small to Large Business

We are proud of our work, and our competitive pricing. If you have large volume or occasional pieces, contact us and we'll do our best to find a solution that works for you.

- Ongoing parts contracts
- Corporate display: Laser Cut Signs and parts
- Accessible/Wheelchair Lifts and Ramps 

Our Process

  1. SURFACE PREPARATION - No special sanding or chemical treatment is required by you, we sandblast and clean every piece to ensure they are free of debris and dirt, making certain a strong surface contact will be made in stage two.
  2. POWDER APPLICATION - After the product is prepped, it is then hooked to an electric charge and sprayed with the powder. This charge ensures that the powder fuses to the metal. 
  3. HEAT CURING - Once the item is coated, it is then moved into our large scale curing oven where it is carefully monitored for temperature and timed specifically to the density and type of metal for each item being cured. 
  4. ADDITIONAL COATS - Any additional layers or finishes can be added by repeating steps two and three. For most applications, only one or two layers is needed (basecoat + colour). 

We like variety, so bring us your next project and we'll make sure you're satisfied.
Here's a view of some of our recent work as posted from our Facebook page.


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